Escorts Service in Nirvana Country

Escorts Service in Nirvana Country

The phrase Escorts Service in Nirvana Country sounds crazy, but it is indeed true. I had the idea when I read an article in a national newspaper about three Russian women who had decided to enter into marriage with local men in India’s largest city. They had left their homeland quite some time ago to study in Australia and the United States. After completing their education they decided to return to Russia. They were in touch with local girls here, and they used their contacts to land jobs and then husbands in Gurgaon, a very competitive state in north India. And they ended up in Nirvana.

That is what I call an escorts in Nirvana. I met these three women, all in their early thirties, and one of them was looking for her first job outside her homeland. She had a friend in the same line of work in Gurgaon, and she knew that these girls were paid well and made more money than she would ever earn in her home country. So, she used to call girls at weekends and on certain days to see whether they were available or not.

That is the way most Russian-speaking women do it. Usually, the services of these escorts are arranged by acquaintances, either local residents or people from the Russian Far East. I also know one-third of the clients I have spoken to are local girls. The service of finding suitable partners for you has to be done according to your comfort levels. I can never speak highly enough about the value of personal background check when it comes to any form of online transaction.

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And, believe me, those girls are not easy to trust. I don’t mean that they lie about their age or identity. No, the only thing these girls can do is hide their real location and call you from a different state or country.

When my friend informed me about this service, I was surprised by the fact that she told me she was receiving hundreds of calls every week. I also noticed that the number of girls she was calling were all Russian-speaking. This intrigued me. She told me she was working with a well-known Russian businessman. So I asked her how did she get such numbers.

She replied that she did not reveal her name in any of her Russian-language contacts, preferring to go by the name Nataliya. So I decided to use the same service that she went through. Well, I had to wait for a while for the service to be free of charge, as this particular Escorts service in Nehma, in Mumbai was not yet free. But, I must say that the service was very good; the prices were fair and the girls were always professional.

There is nothing wrong in hiring an escort. You just need to be careful that you are hiring a genuine girl. Some girls are pretentious and they pretend to be interested in what you are doing only to earn your attention. In the end, they sell you out. There are genuine girls who just want to make a good companion. Thus, always remember to choose a girl with good morals.

Once I was satisfied with the service that I was getting, I planned to make another visit. I chose a different locality, as I did not feel safe going for an escort service in Mumbai in that area. I was happy with my visit and again I asked for recommendations. Then one day I got a call from my friend saying that she had recommended me to a reliable Escorts service in Nagpur. I was elated and decided to go there immediately.